Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale

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Featured here is a consumer electronic Kitchen Scale product called the Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale.

electronic kitchen scaleAquatronic scales allows you to measure both dry ingredients and liquids on the same scale with a touch of a button. This electronic hi-tech kitchen scale is equipped with a sexy, stylish glass platform that resists staining and flavor carry-over.The stainless steel base matches any décoration you got in your kitchen or dinning pantry rooms.

Like all of Salter made consumer electronic kitchen scales, this scale also features a highly accurate strain-gauge weight sensing system, LCD display to show the measurements and lb/kg conversion switch, add-and-weigh function, low battery indicator, and auto zero function.

The features of this Salter made Salter 3003 Aquatronic glass kitchen electronic scale are as follows;

* Weigh directly on platform or in a bowl (not included); Add & Weigh function for convenience
* Electronic kitchen scale weighs solids or liquids up to 11 pounds/175 fluid ounces (5 kg/5000 ml)
* Metric/imperial option; auto zero function; low-battery indicator; lithium battery included
* Stain-resistant glass platform over sleek stainless-steel base; push-button controls; LCD display
* Measures approximately 9-2/5 by 9 by 2-1/2 inches

This electronic kitchen scale is slim enough to slip in a drawer plus you can even have it elegantly to look like a high class gadget out on the kitchen counter. Food can be weighed directly on the glass weighing platform, or you can use any bowl you want to weigh liquids.

However like everything this wonderful electronic product also has its negative sides like buttons that are small & hard to read and the display is also harder for some people. Plus the Aquatronic glass platform is hard to clean as stuff gets between the glass and the stainless steel.

Overall this is a very nice looking electronic device for your kitchen use and easy to use without much of a learning curve.