Whole House Surge Protector Reviews: Philips Surge Protectors

When it comes to providing protection to expensive electronic items installed at home from power surges it is better to not take chances and only use quality products such as a whole house surge protector. So in this article of the whole house surge protector reviews we will look at Philips surge protectors which are made by a well-known name in the field of consumer electrical and electronic products. Philips has a range of surge protectors available at very affordable prices. Whether it is home theater equipment or computers, everything can be protected from the damaging power surges by using Philips surge protectors.

Before a particular surge protector is selected it is important to determine what type of Philips surge protection device is best suitable to the specific requirements. In this matter the company makes it easy with the color coding placed on the packaging of the surge protectors. Green is used to indicate proper grounding and the surge protection is identified with the red signal. While power strips are the standard model offered by Philips in this category of devices, it is possible to find multiple outlet models as well as the models with single outlet. To indicate whether the protector is working or not indicator lights are used.

Point-of-use outlet conversion devices offered by the company are its signature devices. Multiple items can be connected to it because these are capable of converting a wall outlet with two plug system into six or multiple outlets. With the Philips surge protector, kids are safe because the outlets are properly covered. One can easily locate these outlets in dark because of the lights placed on them.

Those who have a small office at home will find the slim line surge protection model from Philips a good option. The complete computer system with the laser printer, scanner and fax machine can be connected to it. For the a/v protection there is CTX connections that offers a good choice to those who are into videoconferencing.

Whenever there is need for proper protection from power surges to electronics and electrical equipments then there is nothing better than the Philips surge protector. All the surges are stopped by this device at the outlet itself. After converting the surges into harmless energy it is grounded through line.

Monster Power Surge Protector: Why Use A Monster Surge Protector

A Monster surge protector beeping is an indication that it needs to be replaced. It means that it has done its job of protecting your computer and has been damaged in the process. So when you hear that Monster surge protector buzzing, you ought to be glad because that means that you made the right choice in picking the right brand of surge protector. It has done its job for you and has saved you a lot of money that might have been spent in getting your other devices repaired if they could still be fixed.

Monster has been making some of the most dependable surge protectors for many years now. Consumers who know better pick it from other brands because it is very dependable and trustworthy. You know that you have the right protection when you have a Monster device in your house.

These days we can not make do without any type of protection for our household devices. LCD TVs and computers while becoming increasingly advanced and modern in their features are also becoming more sensitive. They are specially prone to spikes in the power supply. A spike spike sudden increase in the voltage of the electrical supply that is fed to our homes which can cause serious damage to sensitive devices like computers. Damage from such fluctuations can be prevented by using power surge protectors which isolates the devices that are plugged in to it from such changes in the power supply.

If you are not using a surge protector in your home today then it’s time for you to think. You are running a great risk especially if you are using sensitive devices in your home. Like they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When you need a surge protector, go for the most trusted brand in most households and offices throughout the world. Use a Monster power surge protector now!

Get A Cooling Pad for Laptop And Avoid Laptop Burn

Laptops have seen a sudden growth in market share during the past couple of years. What used to be devices only high profile executives could afford is now accessible even to students. This is partly because its price has significantly dropped with smaller laps like cheap under 400 laptops in the market now, which we have discussed in Consumer Electronics Magazine. And also it has become a necessity in most cases.

Did you know that like any other electronic device a laptop also generates heat? It might not be noticeable at first but once you use it for a couple of hours you will feel its bottom heating up considerably. The heat generated by your laptop has various effects on is performance ranging from a shorter battery life to damaging delicate components in worst case scenarios. There have even been reports of people getting “Laptop Burn” a new condition where a person’s lap gets burned during long usage of the laptop. To avoid this kind of thing happaning to your valuable laptop you need to get a consumer electronic product known as the cooling pad for laptop. This is the reason why most people buy the best laptop cooling pad to draw heat off their device.

A laptop cooler is an effective solution in cooling down your laptop when used in an extended period of time. This accessory is usually positioned below your laptop serving as its base. There are two variations available; one is the active cooler while the other is the passive cooler. An active cooler uses small fan to blow air at your laptops ventilation port and is powered by your USB port. The passive cooler on the other hand utilizes heat drawing materials combined with a design to let air naturally flow to draw of heat.
Obviously, more heat can be easily dissipated by the active cooler than the passive cooler. However, an active cooler also drains your laptop battery since it does not come with its own power so if you are concerned about your laptop usage time then a passive cooler will be your best choice.

There is a laptop cooler available for the different laptop sizes in the market today. In choosing one all you have to do is check on the size of your laptop and look for the corresponding cooler that would fit it. A great way to find cooling pad for laptops is through online laptop computer stores that usually have these in stock.

22 inch LCD TV: Toshiba Black Flat Screen Television With Built In DVD Player

Here is a 22 inch LCD TV from Toshiba consumer electronics. It is called the Toshiba 22CV100U model black flat screen television and comes with a built in DVD Combo drive. The listed price of this TV is US $349.99 but like all TV for sale this it can be bought for a less both online and at electronic stores.

22 inch lcd tv

Designed as a very attractive modern television set the Toshiba 22CV100U TV is very slim and elegant with a black gloss finish. The screen resolution of the TV is 720 pixel and allows you HD or high definition clear viewing. As a medium size TV this adds value because of its built in DVD player. For small rooms, etc. you can use this and watch great quality video directly from DVDs. The TV also has 2 HDMI digital inputs for simple high quality connection to cable/satellite boxes. Other features include MP3 playback via the integrated USB port, a PC input, and a removable stand.

Toshiba also promotes this for parents with kids as a gaming TV. For this it offers reduced game control delay and improved reaction time than previous Toshiba TV sets. The 22 LCD TV also has a Auto Slide Show capability which can be useful at times.

This TV belongs to Toshiba CV100U TV series which brings along with it a series of special features. According to Toshiba this has what they called DynaLight or dynamic back light control for deeper black levels.

Here are the technical details of this Toshiba 22 inch LCD TV.

* 21.6-inch LCD HDTV with 720p HD resolution with integrated slot-loading DVD player on the side–plays standard DVD and CD discs plus DVD-R/RW
* DynaLight back-light control adjusts for deeper black levels for higher dynamic contrast and more realistic picture
* Photo Frame capability for showing off your digital photo slide shows; USB connection for playing MP3 digital audio
* Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 PC, 1 USB, 1 optical digital audio output, 1 headphone jack
* Includes removable stand; measures 21.74 x 17.54 x 8.46 inches with stand

Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale

Featured here is a consumer electronic Kitchen Scale product called the Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale.

electronic kitchen scaleAquatronic scales allows you to measure both dry ingredients and liquids on the same scale with a touch of a button. This electronic hi-tech kitchen scale is equipped with a sexy, stylish glass platform that resists staining and flavor carry-over.The stainless steel base matches any décoration you got in your kitchen or dinning pantry rooms.

Like all of Salter made consumer electronic kitchen scales, this scale also features a highly accurate strain-gauge weight sensing system, LCD display to show the measurements and lb/kg conversion switch, add-and-weigh function, low battery indicator, and auto zero function.

The features of this Salter made Salter 3003 Aquatronic glass kitchen electronic scale are as follows;

* Weigh directly on platform or in a bowl (not included); Add & Weigh function for convenience
* Electronic kitchen scale weighs solids or liquids up to 11 pounds/175 fluid ounces (5 kg/5000 ml)
* Metric/imperial option; auto zero function; low-battery indicator; lithium battery included
* Stain-resistant glass platform over sleek stainless-steel base; push-button controls; LCD display
* Measures approximately 9-2/5 by 9 by 2-1/2 inches

This electronic kitchen scale is slim enough to slip in a drawer plus you can even have it elegantly to look like a high class gadget out on the kitchen counter. Food can be weighed directly on the glass weighing platform, or you can use any bowl you want to weigh liquids.

However like everything this wonderful electronic product also has its negative sides like buttons that are small & hard to read and the display is also harder for some people. Plus the Aquatronic glass platform is hard to clean as stuff gets between the glass and the stainless steel.

Overall this is a very nice looking electronic device for your kitchen use and easy to use without much of a learning curve.

1:10 Scale Remote Controlled Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Toy

Here is the 1:10 Scale Remote Controlled Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Toy from New Bright toys. This truck is now on sale on the popular online shopping website Amazon.com for US $49. At that price it is 10 dollars cheaper than the more popular remote control Chevy Silverado toy truck by New Bright which is sold on the same site for $59.99.

This radio control or RC or remote control toy model comes on sale under name of the 1:10 scale Full Function Radio Control Features the Off-Road Dodge Ram. With the hand held remote control radio transmitter you can steer and control this Dodge truck by making it move forwards and backwards and steering right and left.

remote controlled dodge
New Bright - 1:10 Radio Control Dodge Ram

This Dodge Ram toy truck is a full function remote control toy pickup truck scale model of the popular off road Dodge Ram truck with all it’s external features. This remote control Dodge Truck powered by a 9.6V rechargeable battery and comes ready for use just out of the packaging. It is quite a big toy 18 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches and weighing 6.5 pounds shipping weight. Manufacturer recommended age for our New Bright remote control Dodge Ram truck is 8 years and up and it should be kept strictly off limits of kids under the age of 3 years as this toy like all remote controlled toys has small parts and may present a chocking hazard.

Plus this remote control toy truck comes Ready to Run with a 9.6V Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger Included. This one’s Radio Control Frequency may vary, either 27 or 49 MHZ. This limitation in frequency is a drawback of these New Bright remote control toy truck if you plan to buy more than one of these or use several remote control toy truck together and have a sort of remote control toy car or truck race with friends and kids in your neighborhood. However if it is for one kid and will be used inside the house, you don’t plan to have races with similar remote controlled toys then this radio control Dodge Ram pickup truck model may be the special toy you were looking for yourself as a gift for someone special.

As always Consumer Electronic Magazine is on the look out for promoting and advertising useful and good electronic products for consumers. Be our eyes and ears and let us know about similar remote control toys and electronic products you come across.

Apple iPod Touch Phone FaceTime, Retina Display, HD Video Recording And Game Center

apple ipod touch logo
The Apple ipod Touch Phone's official Apple logo. Some joker asks whether it is Apple CEO

Want to have a phone with all the state of the art facilities and options? The latest crazy gadget in the market for consumer telecommunication products has to offer? Then here is apple ipod touch with ipod touch retina display,ipod touch hd video,ipod touch video,ipod touch game center,ipod touch features,ipod touch options and ipod touch facilities. Consumer Electronics Magazine today looks at the latest from Apple, the Iphone Touch consumer electronic communication device.

apple ipod touch cellphone
apple ipod touch cellphone with iphone touch icon screen but much more options and improvements.

Consumer Electronics got these images and pictures about Iphone from an intresting emails marketing letter from Apple.

ipod touch games
ipod Touch games center. Apple has also recently launched Apple Games online store for gamers. Picture shows a car race game played holding the phone and using the iPod Touch phone like a steering wheel & accelarator, breaks all in one. Just tilt the phone to move and win the car race. No button pression or joystick hassles. Read experience.
ipod touch internet
Easy Internet browsing, surficing and reading. See the magnify
ipodtouch ipodnano ipodshuffle
iPod Shuffle was for music, Ipod Nano it's big brother now iPod Touch with even more features for audio and other applications all in one. This photos shows the size of iPhone Touch phone compared to ipod nano and ipod shuffle
ipod touch video calls
A picture is worth a thousand words. A Video is much more. We do most of our communication with non-verbal signals and facial expressions. Use ipod touch video calls to achieve maximum communication between you and the guy at the other end.
sexy ipod touch
sexy ipod touch with iphone size large video screen for video calls
ipod touch video clips
Capture any moment is HD video recording to create HD ipod touch video clips

*FaceTime requires fourth-generation iPod touch or iPhone 4 and a Wi-Fi connection for both caller and recipient.

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Consumer Electronics Magazines

Even though Consumer Electronics Magazine is a relatively new website it ranks very high in the search engines for consumer and electronic magazine related searches and current we get the most visitors to CEM web site from visitors looking for consumer electronics magazines, tabloids and newspapers with reviews and product information about consumer electronic and electrical products.

Unfortunately for them this web site is not a web site for a consumer magazine but a online consumer electronics products and gadgets review website. So if you are looking for a website to subscribe to some cosumer electronics magazines I would recommend you check out the following magazine websites. There are thousands and thousands of magazine that can be listed here so only a few prominent ones consumer electronic and related magazines are listed here.

1) Consumer Reports – Found online at consumerreports.org is an American magazine published monthly by American Consumers Union. It publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services including consumer electronics and related product items based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory. It also publishes cleaning and general buying guides.

2) IEEE Journals & Magazines – Though these magazines may be too technical for teh average consumer the IEEE publishes the leading journals, transactions, letters, and magazines in electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy, and dozens of other technologies. All of their publications are also available electronically in their IEEE Xplore digital library which you can access through their website.

3) PC Mag –  The digital edition of PC Magazine. In addition to IT and computer stuff and new it contains other consumer electronics news, reviews, gadgets and more.

Feel free to comment and recommend any other magazines about consumer electronics you think should be added to this list. Thanks. – CEM Webmaster.

Consumer Reports is an American magazine published monthly by Consumers Union. It publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory. It also publishes cleaning and general buying guides.

Underfloor Heating Systems For A Warm Home In Cold Winter

With the 2010 winter approaching the northern hemisphere countries in a few months times it is best to get ready for the winter now itself. So consumer electronics magazine decided to draw your attention to heating systems to cool your home. For us as consumers it worth to spend some time on learning more about heating systems and their technicality facts, options, features and details even if you are not planning to install a electric underfloor heating system in our home this winter.

As usual there is are few reliable unbiased guides online with reliable and balanced details about underfloor heating systems currently available in the market. Most reviews and guides on underfloor heating systems are biased towards marketing a particular companies preferred heating system or some other aspect. Online educational and not for profit websites remain a somewhat balanced view. With things as it is we will turn to wikipedia the popular online encyclopedia for a more details understanding of underfloor heating systems so we can keep our homes warm and friendly in the busy and cold winter months.

According to wikipedia article on underfloor heating,  “Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control primarily through thermal conduction and thermal radiation rather than convection (forced or natural air movement). Heat can be provided by circulating heated water or by electric cable, mat, or film heaters.” After this the wikipedia article on underfloor heating goes on describing the history of underfloor heating. It will be a good read if you have time. If not jump down towards the modern day heating technologies and check out those details.

150 Inch World’s Largest Plasma Flat Screen Television From Panasonic Corporation Japan

Update 2011: The largest TV in the world that was originally mentioned in this post when it was in speculation, actually turned out to be even larger measuring 152 inches diagonally. It was so big it was able to show life size pictures of the largest land animal in the world, the African jumbo elephant. This largest flatscreen television set was a Full HD Plasma Flat Screen Television from Panasonic Corporation of Japan. It was launched in 2010. For more details about this biggest TV read our recent article about it at Biggest Flat Screen TV In The World which also becomes the World’s Biggest TV

Another first by Made in Japan. The Japanese electronic company, Panasonic corporation has made the world’s 150-inch large plasma flat screen television that when it was made in set to become the world’s largest television.

According a report in Japanese Daily Yomiuri paper this largest flat screen television set will measure 150 inches diagonally, handsomely beating JVC’s 110-inch rear projector for the title of the largest home television regardless of class and Sharp corporation’s 108-inches current word’s largest plasma flat screen television. The height of the television screen alone will be large enough to stand taller than an adult man and length wise as long as a car!

Continue reading the full article about this giant flat screen tv at the Biggest Flat Screen TV In The World which also becomes the World’s Biggest TV article.