Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews of Best Laptop Coolers & Brands 2012

By   21/01/2012

When buying a laptop cooling pad, you can easily be overwhelmed by the large number of laptop cooling pad types and models in shops and on the Internet. If you ask 10 people you will have 10 different laptop coolers recommended as the best laptop cooling pad today. The same is true with laptop cooling pad reviews found on the Internet. So in this article I have tried to put together brief genuine reviews of 4 most sought after laptop cooling pad models and brands for sale today. I sincerely hope this laptop cooler reviews about the top laptop coolers will help you make an informed decision about laptop cooling pads and get the best and most suitable laptop cooling pad based on your needs and preferences.

1) Pros & Cons of Logitech Laptop Cooling Pad

logitech laptop coolersLogitech is one of the most widely advertised and known brand of laptop coolers today in the market today.  They have several cooling pads for laptops that have become bestselling in the world in this niche market.

The most popular cooling pad models in their array of coolers these days are called Logitech Lapdesks. The best among the Lapdesks coolers are;

I) Logitech Comfort Lapdesk
II) Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500
III) Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

The Pros – These are USB powered laptop coolers and have highly effective and extremely quiet fan/s that really works to pull heat away from your laptop while you’re using it. You can use it stationery like on a office desk or you can place it on your laptop and use it while you’re chilling out on the armchair or couch. Out of the top 10 laptop cooling pads and brands I have reviewed here, Logitech laptop coolers were the ones that had the highest online ratings and mostly satisfied users according to the user reviews I read to write up this article. So if you are looking for a laptop cooler then Logitech seems to be the best in the market today.

In the case of Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 laptop cooler, it is a laptop pad with speakers. As you know sound quality is very low in most laptops today. So with this model you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a speaker as well as a cooler in one device.  Personally I recommend it if you’re looking for a multi-purpose laptop cooler that doubles as a speaker too.

The Cons– However the drawback with Logitech is their products are more expensive than similar products from other brands. However their high quality makes up for the high price tag.

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2) Pros & Cons of Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

laptop cooling padsLike Logitech, Targus is another popular cooling pad brand that has some high quality and reliable cooling pads for laptops today.

The Pros – Their model called the Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US is a specially well made laptop cooler this fits perfectly with your wrists and hands. It is also a pretty big cooling pad which can support even 17 inch laptops easily without any problems.

A key point of this cooling pad is the fans are placed to pull air in from the side so you can actually place it on a surface like the bed without any problems. That means their is no worry about the bedsheets jamming up the fans and stopping them from working. It’s also very light-weight and quiet as well. This makes it one of the best laptop cooling pads with a great ergonomic design.

I think Targus has put in lot of research and thought to make this laptop cooling pads design. It has a very nice slant to it which makes it very comfortable for typing according to many reviewers. It is also has rubber stops at the four edges which prevents the laptop from slipping off the laptop cooler.

The Cons – However the drawback with Targus pads is like Logitech cooling pad they are relatively pricy. You can get this Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US at a discount in Amazon. With its quality and reliability people buy a Targus than trust a cheap unbranded and low quality laptop cooling pads.

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3) Pros & Cons of Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

belkin laptop cooling padBelkin is a bestselling laptop cooling pad maker today. Their most popular laptop cooler is the model called Belkin F5L001 Laptop Cooling Pad.

The Pros – Like you can see in the photo here, the Belkin F5L001 Laptop Cooler has a nice and unique patented wave design and is very portable and easy to use. It is also one of the few laptop coolers where the fan blows air directly on the laptop bottom instead of trying to suck the hot air away from the laptop’s bottom so according to some it is highly effective.

The Cons – However according to some reviews by customers who bought Belkin laptop coolers, these coolers are not very durable and reliable. Many people who bought it are complaining it works well for the first few months and then one or more of its features like a fan etc. start to fail or give trouble. But the low price of it compared to the other three laptop cooler brands reviewed here make people buy these coolers.

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4) Pros & Cons of Zalman Laptop Cooler

zalman laptop coolerZalman is the fourth brand of laptop cooling pads we are going to see here. Their most popular laptop cooling pad models these days are the Zalman NC1000, Zalman NC2000 and the Zalman NC3000 laptop coolers.

The Pros – All these 3 models have a sleek Apple like look and are really slim design. They built using 3mm thick aluminum panels with a nice blue LED gloow and extra USB ports. The models are very slim, minimalistic without any extra panels, edges and labels. This has made them very sturdy laptop coolers which can be used for long hours of non-stop gaming or web surfing. They are equally good for use on lap or desks. Like Targus and Logitech, Zalman has earned a good name as a high quality laptop cooling pad make and has got lots of favorable user reviews on the Internet.

The Cons – Only concern is the price of them. They are slightly higher than other the previous laptop cooling pads we mentioned.

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