World’s Biggest TV: 150″ Biggest Flat Screen TV In The World

By   09/11/2011

I’m sure you have wondered at some time about what is biggest TV in the world. Or probably you would have Googled and landed on this page while curiously searching for information about the world’s biggest TV or world’s largest flat screen TV. Whatever it is you have come to the right place.

The current biggest TV in the world is an African jumbo elephant size 152 Inch Full HD Plasma Flat Screen Television from Panasonic Corporation of Japan. Panasonic launched this world’s largest TV in 2010. According to Panasonic Corporation official press released this giant television is now available for sale though it is not report that anyone has bought it. The price of this 152 inch Plastma Flat Screen TV is around US $120,000. This 152 inch Panasonic TV is also the world’s first Ultra-Large Full HD TV with 4K 3D Professional PDP. You don’t get a bigger TV display anywhere in the world. That’s surely some TV to have in your living room if you can.

worlds biggest tvThe full HD 3D PDPs means this TV is able to provide high quality Full HD 3D video on the world’s largest scale for a direct-view display, as well as ultra-high picture quality 2D displays. Speaking about how the largest flat screen TV, Panasonic says to develop the 152 inch TV as well as the 103 inch and 85 inch TVs, Panasonic had to research and advance their unique technologies employed in its VIERA Full HD 3D plasma TV sets. Panasonic also states that the technologies used include the industry’s highest native contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 for overwhelming black reproduction; a high speed driving technology to achieve the PDP’s full moving picture resolution; and a crosstalk reduction technology, a crucial requirement for producing clear and crisp 3D images.

The reason for the jumbo elephant size of world’s biggest TV is not to give you a bigger viewing capability but competition among TV manufacturers to make the biggest television in the world. Particularly in last decade it has become a matter of pride and marketing advantage for television manufacturers to make and claim the distinction for the biggest TV in the world. So in recent years we saw the size of the world’s biggest TV become insanely big crossing the 100 inch diagonal TV size to 103 inch, 107 inch, 110 inch and now 152 inches.

But Panasonic’s aim with the world’s biggest television is not only setting a Guinness world record for world’s largest TV and world’s largest flat screen TV. They don’t want it to be playboy product of a rich kid though they eye the Middle-East Arab royals as a potential customer for the TV. Panasonic is wisely marketing this digital plasma giant TV set as a presentation TV screen and HD display for professional boardroom presentations. As you know, this is a sound strategy as boardroom where investors and director meet and strike big deals like to present a ultrahigh look but currently use large LED display screens or color computer projectors. With this 152 inch world’s biggest TV or smaller 103 inch and 85 inch Panasonic Plasma Flat Screen TVs they launched with this 152 size TV a Fortune 500 or Multinational company boardroom company can make an impression to dignitaries and business associates who visit their boardrooms!

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