Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews: 3 Best Fanless Laptop Coolers 2012

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There are various circumstances when a fanless laptop cooling pad or in other words a passive laptop cooler is more desirable to use than a normal cooling pad for laptop. First, if you are very particular with your laptop battery life then a fanless cooler will be the best choice since it does not draw power from your laptop battery. Second, if your laptop doesn’t really heat up that much but you still want to protect it from heat then a fanless cooler will do. Third, if you want a light cooler then a fanless one is the lightest type available. Fourth and also perhaps the biggest attraction of fanless cooling mats are that even the best of them are half or less than half the price of laptop cooler with fans.

So below you will find one of the best laptop cooling pad reviews for fanless laptop cooling pads available today. But you should keep in mind that fanless laptop cooling technology is not yet as effective in cooling laptops as laptop coolers with fans are.  So it is advisable to use fanless laptop pads only when you can’t use a normal laptop cooler with fans such as on your bed etc. (Therefore I also suggest you to checkout my review of the best laptop coolers with fans in my another article of mine called, laptop cooling pad reviews. In that article I review the top 4 most popular fan laptop coolers.)


1) Targus HeatDefense Laptop Cooler
Targus Laptop CoolerThis cooler is can effectively reduce the heat from any 12-17 inch laptop. The Targus HeatDefense uses a crystalline compound in effectively controlling heat. These compounds turn into gel when your laptop heats up thus effectively absorbing it. As soon as no more heat is present it then turns back to its crystal form. This is best used to protect your lap or any surface from the heat generated by your laptop.

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2) ThermaPak HeatShift Cooling Pad

Fanless Laptop Coolers

This cooler is effective when paired with a 13 inch laptop. It does not use any noisy fan system to cool your laptop down instead it uses crystal compounds. This method can effectively reduce the heat generated by your laptop by as much as 10%. The surface area is also designed with grooves to make air flow freely at your laptop base. It is also available in sizes suitable for 10, 15 and 17 inch laptops.
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3) ThermaPak HeatShift Netbook Cooler
laptop cooling pad

This cooler is specially designed for 10 inch laptop models. It uses crystal compounds in drawing off heat from your netbook and is very portable to carry around, just like your device.

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When you need an effective laptop cooler that does not need any power then these fanless laptop coolers will make an excellent choice. But whatever you do make sure you get some kind of laptop cooler unless you want to end up starting a fire on your bed with a laptop.