22 inch LCD TV: Toshiba Black Flat Screen Television With Built In DVD Player

6 years ago CEM Editor 1

Here is a 22 inch LCD TV from Toshiba consumer electronics. It is called the Toshiba 22CV100U model black flat screen television and comes with a built in DVD Combo drive. The listed price of this TV is US $349.99 but like all TV for sale this it can be bought for a less both online and at electronic stores.

22 inch lcd tv

Designed as a very attractive modern television set the Toshiba 22CV100U TV is very slim and elegant with a black gloss finish. The screen resolution of the TV is 720 pixel and allows you HD or high definition clear viewing. As a medium size TV this adds value because of its built in DVD player. For small rooms, etc. you can use this and watch great quality video directly from DVDs. The TV also has 2 HDMI digital inputs for simple high quality connection to cable/satellite boxes. Other features include MP3 playback via the integrated USB port, a PC input, and a removable stand.

Toshiba also promotes this for parents with kids as a gaming TV. For this it offers reduced game control delay and improved reaction time than previous Toshiba TV sets. The 22 LCD TV also has a Auto Slide Show capability which can be useful at times.

This TV belongs to Toshiba CV100U TV series which brings along with it a series of special features. According to Toshiba this has what they called DynaLight or dynamic back light control for deeper black levels.

Here are the technical details of this Toshiba 22 inch LCD TV.

* 21.6-inch LCD HDTV with 720p HD resolution with integrated slot-loading DVD player on the side–plays standard DVD and CD discs plus DVD-R/RW
* DynaLight back-light control adjusts for deeper black levels for higher dynamic contrast and more realistic picture
* Photo Frame capability for showing off your digital photo slide shows; USB connection for playing MP3 digital audio
* Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 PC, 1 USB, 1 optical digital audio output, 1 headphone jack
* Includes removable stand; measures 21.74 x 17.54 x 8.46 inches with stand