150 Inch World’s Largest Plasma Flat Screen Television From Panasonic Corporation Japan

6 years ago CEM Editor 3

Update 2011: The largest TV in the world that was originally mentioned in this post when it was in speculation, actually turned out to be even larger measuring 152 inches diagonally. It was so big it was able to show life size pictures of the largest land animal in the world, the African jumbo elephant. This largest flatscreen television set was a Full HD Plasma Flat Screen Television from Panasonic Corporation of Japan. It was launched in 2010. For more details about this biggest TV read our recent article about it at Biggest Flat Screen TV In The World which also becomes the World’s Biggest TV

Another first by Made in Japan. The Japanese electronic company, Panasonic corporation has made the world’s 150-inch large plasma flat screen television that when it was made in set to become the world’s largest television.

According a report in Japanese Daily Yomiuri paper this largest flat screen television set will measure 150 inches diagonally, handsomely beating JVC’s 110-inch rear projector for the title of the largest home television regardless of class and Sharp corporation’s 108-inches current word’s largest plasma flat screen television. The height of the television screen alone will be large enough to stand taller than an adult man and length wise as long as a car!

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