Baseboard Heaters Effect The Comfort Of Your Home

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So its time for winter and we all go around make our last minute purchases to make sure our homes are cozy and comfortable during winter! I bet that heaters are the top in your list this winter! So that’s what inspired me to write about the best baseboard heater I found on Amazon. Fahrenheat Read More

Palm TX Handheld PDA Review

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Want to organize yourself without having to go through stacks of paper?? Looking for a way that technology would help you stay organized?? Want to keep track of everything you do and need to do??? All you need is your own PDA – Personal Digital Assistant – It is reliable, trustworthy and helps you remembers Read More

Nest Learning: Bestselling WiFi Enabled Programmable Thermostat

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You won’t think it matters what thermostat you use until you find out they control half your energy bill. So today more than ever, its worth paying a little more and getting the best wifi-enabled programmable thermostat. That’s what most people seem to think when you look at the phenomenal sales of the new Nest Read More

Cool Black & Red Ferrari Car Shaped Computer Mouse

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Car fans are going to love this optical USB mouse and everyone else are going to wish they had. It’s a Ferrari car shaped computer mouse for sale in  You can see pictures of this product below. It’s a awesome computer mouse at the price of a normal optical USB mouse. It might look like Read More

Stant Cooling System Pressure Tester

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The Stant 12270 30 Pound Cooling System And Pressure Cap Tester which weighs approximately 4 pounds enables you to test the higher pressure cooling systems and pressure cap of your car up to 30 pounds. The Stant 12270 30 Pound Cooling System And Pressure Cap Tester enables you to test the pressure ranges 0f 17-19 Read More

The Best Apps for Controlling Your Home Electronics

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5 tools that make you the master of your domain You can play a round of stress-reducing Angry Birds with one, you can book a fancy dinner with one, and you can even reorganize your closet with one—so why not control your home with an app as well! Believe me, there are plenty of downloadable Read More

Methods On How To Locate A Cell Phone Position

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Sometimes you may want to locate a cell phone position when you loose it or when someone has stolen it. Then some other times you may want to locate cell phone location of someone else’s phone in order to locate or track that person’s current location. So through this post I’m going tell you some Read More

Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews: 3 Best Fanless Laptop Coolers 2012

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There are various circumstances when a fanless laptop cooling pad or in other words a passive laptop cooler is more desirable to use than a normal cooling pad for laptop. First, if you are very particular with your laptop battery life then a fanless cooler will be the best choice since it does not draw Read More

Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews of Best Laptop Coolers & Brands

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When buying a laptop cooling pad, you can easily be overwhelmed by the large number of laptop cooling pad types and models in shops and on the Internet. If you ask 10 people you will have 10 different laptop coolers recommended as the best laptop cooling pad today. The same is true with laptop cooling Read More

Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Refrigerator Review: Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

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If you are considering buying a new refrigerator for 2012 then you should give some consideration to the new Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Side by Side refrigerator.  It’s a high quality stainless steel refrigerator that comes with a capacity of over 25 cubic feet, meaning it should suit an average sized family of four to five people.  Read More

Panasonic 85 Inch TV: Plasma HDTV Alternative To Large Projector Screens

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We previously wrote here on Consumer Electronic Magazine about the biggest TV in the world which is the 152 Inch Panasonic Flat Screen Plasma HDTV. Compared to that world’s biggest TV this post featuring the Panasonic 85 inch television set may seem small. But that’s before you consider that this TV we are talking about Read More

World’s Biggest TV: 150″ Biggest Flat Screen TV In The World

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I’m sure you have wondered at some time about what is biggest TV in the world. Or probably you would have Googled and landed on this page while curiously searching for information about the world’s biggest TV or world’s largest flat screen TV. Whatever it is you have come to the right place. The current Read More

Hunter 44360 Set and Save 7 Day Programmable Thermostat Review

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The Hunter 44360 Set and Save is a popular 7 day programmable thermostat that retails online for as little as $40. If you are interested in cutting down on energy bills in the home but you have limited seed money for the endeavor then this is one of the thermostats you should be considering. Energy Read More

Best Electric Baseboard Heaters Reviews

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Electric baseboard heaters are one of the most popular consumer electronics among people who live in areas where it is cold in the winter. While they do not have the range or power of a central heating system, most can easily heat a whole room and can often save money due to the user’s increased Read More

Review Of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

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Hampton Bay ceiling fans are among the best selling ceiling fans on Home Depot today. Known for their unique designs and ease of installation, these fans are also lightweight and come in a variety of design options to fit any kind of room. Whether homeowners are looking for a traditional ceiling fan for the dining Read More

The Indoor And Outdoor Hampton Bay Lighting Fixtures

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Hampton Bay lighting is known world-wide for its’ classy designs and affordable prices. As a premier name for light fixtures, Hampton Bay has quality customer service and very unique concepts which contributes to its’ guaranteed customer satisfaction. Whatever you style or taste, the large selection of Hampton Bay lighting fixtures is sure to have the Read More

Solar Powered Attic Fan: How To Buy The Best Solar Attic Fans

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Solar attic fans are wonderful for your home in the summer or winter. Because of their self-sufficient status, they need not be turned on or off each day, however the rotation must be adjusted to turn left or right, according to the time of year. These fans do not need to be wired to the Read More

What Are RJ45 Ethernet Splitters and How Do They Work

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The Ethernet rj45 splitters can be used to bifurcate the network connection between two network devices. However the term in itself is a bit confusing and misleading. Ethernet splitters have to be used in pairs and cannot be used alone to split the network. The confusion arises because of one’s assumption of the rj45 splitter Read More

What is Swype Texting? The New Way To Text On Your Cell Phone!

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Do you have any kids? Well, then you should brace yourself because they might start asking you to get them a cell phone which uses swype texting. If you don’t know what swype texting is then you should know that it is a new technology which makes SMS texting so much easier and really faster Read More

About the Kineo Android Tablet for kids

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Android tablets can be useful in so many situations. Businessman can use tablets to organize their life. Gadget freaks simply love owning one. Other people love being able to stay connected to the internet wherever they are, or playing with the help of the innovative touch screen control system. But have you ever thought that Read More

Whole House Surge Protector Reviews: Philips Surge Protectors

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When it comes to providing protection to expensive electronic items installed at home from power surges it is better to not take chances and only use quality products such as a whole house surge protector. So in this article of the whole house surge protector reviews we will look at Philips surge protectors which are Read More

Monster Power Surge Protector: Why Use A Monster Surge Protector

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A Monster surge protector beeping is an indication that it needs to be replaced. It means that it has done its job of protecting your computer and has been damaged in the process. So when you hear that Monster surge protector buzzing, you ought to be glad because that means that you made the right Read More

Get A Cooling Pad for Laptop And Avoid Laptop Burn

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Laptops have seen a sudden growth in market share during the past couple of years. What used to be devices only high profile executives could afford is now accessible even to students. This is partly because its price has significantly dropped with smaller laps like cheap under 400 laptops in the market now, which we Read More

Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale

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Featured here is a consumer electronic Kitchen Scale product called the Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale. Aquatronic scales allows you to measure both dry ingredients and liquids on the same scale with a touch of a button. This electronic hi-tech kitchen scale is equipped with a sexy, stylish glass platform that resists staining Read More